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Amalgam Removal FAQ’s: Is Amalgam Removal Difficult?

Amalgam Removal FAQ’s: Is Amalgam Removal Difficult?
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 07 May, 2013


Is Amalgam Removal Difficult?

The process itself is quite straightforward as like in any other dental procedure we numb your mouth, drill and then put a new filling in. The difference with a holistic dentist is that we also use very strict safety protocols to ensure we minimise your and our exposure to the mercury vapour that is released at the time.

Essentially what is involved in the use of a barrier sheet over your mouth to prevent the ingestion, swallowing and inhalation of amalgam fragments, amalgam dust and mercury vapour. The barrier sheet or rubber dam covers your mouth but not your nose and you can easily breathe and swallow normally during the process.

We also use a ducting/vacuuming filter to draw away the mercury vapour to ensure no one in the treatment room is inhaling this potential highly toxic substance. (Read more about the safety protocol here).

At Evolve Dental Healing amalgam removal is only ever carried out after extensive consultation and dental examination involving a full mouth check-up, dental x-rays where indicated, assessment of your dental health and your overall health and health history.

It is important that anyone undergoing dental amalgam removal supports themselves with a nutrient dense diet and specific supplements before, during and for a period after their amalgams have been replaced. This is essential to assist the body to cope with the mercury detoxification process and maximise the benefits of treatment.

For many patients, we liaise with your health care practitioner so as for best to support you through the process and can also recommend highly qualified practitioners to assist your mercury detoxification and chelation (heavy metal removal).

Is amalgam removal difficult? No.

Is amalgam removal important if you care about your health? I think so.

If you would like to know more about amalgam removal and the impact of mercury then please contact me via the contact details on this website to book in for an amalgam removal consultation today.


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    Dr. Rachel Hall

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