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Brush or Die: Dental Health and Early Death

dental health and early death
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 16 April, 2019

 Adult tooth loss linked to early death

Brushing your teeth is not just for fresh breath, cavity prevention or gorgeous smile. Brushing your teeth keeps your mouth healthy and reduces the risk of tooth loss. And following this recent study published in the journal Periodontology 2000, it’s even more important than ever before to keep your teeth for life.

The number of teeth we lose can be a key indicator of a person’s life expectancy, researchers found clear evidence that tooth loss is closely related to some life-threatening health problems.

Many factors — such as stress, socioeconomic status, oral hygiene practices, smoking, trauma, chronic disease, genetic conditions, nutritional intake, and lifestyle choices, contribute to tooth loss.

Physical stress and poor health often manifest early in the mouth.

 What are your teeth telling you?

People who have lost five teeth or more by the age of 65 have a heightened risk of early death.

People with missing teeth were more likely to suffer from serious health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

And this is fascinating if you still have a full set of teeth by the time you are 74 you are more likely to live to 100 years old.

There are many reasons why we lose our teeth – trauma, smoking, or a poor oral health routine. Tooth loss can be an indication of a person’s poor quality of life which means there is a higher likelihood of gum diseases and other health issues that contribute to an increased risk of life-threatening conditions.

What is going on in our mouths can really be a useful window to our overall health.

It is therefore vital that we take proper care of our mouth and pay close attention to what is happening as it could be a sign of something more serious.

 Can Brushing Your Teeth Improve Your Health

A group of scientists in the U.S. conducted a trial to see if a modified toothpaste, which stained any remaining plaque bacteria that had not been properly brushed away from the teeth, could improve heart health. The toothpaste was found to reduce both dental plaque and inflammation through the body. Inflammation levels were accurately measured by C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker for cardiovascular diseases which may result in a fatal heart attack or stroke.

People using the special toothpaste were able to remove twice as much plaque while reducing their levels of inflammation by 29 percent.

While previous studies have shown that people with infected gums are more likely to suffer cardiovascular diseases, it had never been shown that good dental health could lower the risk.

Improve oral health and add years to your life –

Fill Years Not Teeth

If you want to add years to your life and prevent issues with eating or communicating, it is important to keep those teeth and gums as healthy.

I am always sharing my message urging people to take better care of their mouth and visit their dentist regularly.

So cut down on sugary foods and drinks, brush and floss twice a day every day, use an alcohol-free mouthwash or oil pulling as part of your dental care and see what changes you can make in your lifestyle and diet to support better health and reduce inflammation in your body.

If you experience blood in the sink after flossing or brushing, your gums appear swollen, your teeth have moved/drifted or feel loose or it’s been more than 6 months since you last dental visit then please book your dental check today – it might just save your life!

  • Dr. Rachel Hall

    Dr. Rachel Hall

    Rachel is the founder and principal dentist at Evolve Dental Healing with over 25 years experience, practicing holistically since 2001. Not your typical dentist, Rachel is a passionate opinion leader, challenging convention to empower people to make better dental and health choices, helping thousands to have healthy natural smiles. A respected writer and presenter on holistic dentistry, health and wellness it is Rachel’s mission to revolutionise the way people look at their dental health.

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