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Chelation Therapy for Heavy Metal Toxicity

heavy metal toxicity
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 9 April, 2018

According to medical researchers and integrative healthcare experts, chelation therapy for heavy metals represents an essential detoxification tool for maintaining optimal health.

With a staggering 80,000 synthetic chemicals lurking in the environment – and over 700 contaminants present at detectable levels in the body of the average adult – it is clear that modern life poses unprecedented challenges to the immune system.

Chelation is designed to rid the body of this toxic chemical and heavy metals.

Many areas of medicine now consider that most people suffering from chronic health conditions are dealing with a high toxic burden that is overwhelming the body’s natural defences and triggering symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and cardiovascular issues.

This is why chelation therapy is considered – to help remove the toxic load from our life.

How chelation effectively removes toxic heavy metals from the body

Chelation therapy involves the administration of chemical compounds such as DMSA or EDTA. These chelating agents bind to metals like mercury – and allow them to be eliminated from the body.

“Successful chelation can provide a wealth of health benefits that extend to virtually all body systems and organs.”

Chelation can help decalcify arterial walls, clearing them of atherosclerotic plaque and helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.

In addition, chelation helps to raise levels of beneficial nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessel walls – as well as reducing blood pressure, decreasing blood cholesterol levels, decreasing angina (chest pain) and even regulating cardiac arrhythmias.

Reducing heavy metal levels can also help minimise the destructive effects and symptoms of artificial EMFs (a form of radiation exposure), produced by cell phones, laptops, cell phone towers and Wi-Fi networks.

And, finally, one of the chelation’s most impressive powers is its ability to disrupt biofilms – those persistent and difficult-to-treat layered communities of pathogenic bacteria.

Chelation and Heavy Metals

Chelation therapy can sharply reduce your cancer risk from lead exposure.

As you may know, exposure to lead increases oxidative stress, interferes with the immune system and lowers glutathione levels – which is crucial for detoxification.

Lead is a primary environmental health threat for children, with exposure causing lowered IQ and other cognitive issues. Lead exposure affects adults as well, with over 30 million American adults at risk of premature death due to past lead exposure.

Exposure to toxic heavy metals – including lead and mercury – increases the incidence of genetic DNA defects such as cell mutations, thereby raising the risk of cancer. Lead exposure, in particular, can cause a malfunction in the formation of blood cells and can trigger cancers such as leukaemia and lymphoma.

How is Chelation Done?

In the past, chelation therapy was only available through IV administration. But, now, there new safer protocols that can be taken orally under the strict guidance of a qualified medical practitioner.

Keep in mind, if done incorrectly, chelation (or any other detox program) can produce many unwanted side effects such as dizziness, neurological problems and – in some cases – premature death.

Let’s explore the benefits as well as the drawbacks to chelation practices.

The Benefits of Chelation Therapy

The reason chelation therapy is used is that the chelating agents took in by the body actually bind themselves to the toxins, metals, etc. and remove them. They are then expelled through the body.

Chelation therapy is a mainstream treatment that is used to treat heavy metal poisoning.

The Drawbacks and Potential Risks of Chelation

One of the more common problems that can arise when chelation therapy is used is the fact that it depletes nutrients like essential vitamins from the body as well as the metals. We take vitamins and eat vitamin-rich foods because if we lack in certain vitamins or minerals we can develop severe health problems.

But, there are more serious problems that occur. Some deaths in children and adults have been reported due to failed chelation therapy procedures.

EDTA (a common chelation agent for lead) can also cause bone marrow depression, shock, low blood pressure (hypotension), convulsions, disturbances of regular heart rhythm (cardiac arrhythmias), allergic-type reactions and respiratory arrest. In fact, a number of deaths have been linked with chelation therapy. Also, some people are on dialysis because of kidney failure caused, at least in part, by chelation therapy.

Is Chelation Therapy Right for You?

This is something that should definitely be talked over with your doctor. You need to discuss with your primary care physician any previous problems or health concerns and treatments you may have had in the past. For instance, those that have had liver or kidney problems should not use chelation therapy. Patients with weak hearts or immune deficiency issues should steer clear from chelation therapy as well.

Although there are reports that say chelation therapy can do the job intended there are many people that are speaking out in opposition to it as well. This is a procedure that should be taken very seriously and should be discussed with a health care professional before a decision is made.

Chelation vs Detox for Heavy Metals

Because of the inherent issues and potential risks of chelation, it may be better to consider a heavy metal detox instead using supplements and nutrition to upgrade the body’s natural detoxification systems to support the elimination of heavy metals and toxins.

It is for this reason as part of your amalgam removal process we advocate detoxification support protocols over chelation to ensure your safety and promote health.

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