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Heavy Metals, Dental Fillings Part 2 – How to Remove Mercury Fillings

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Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 21 February, 2017

Heavy metals can cause or be related to a large number of symptoms in your body. Dental amalgam or silver fillings are about 50 percent mercury mixed in with other metals like silver, copper, zinc and tin. Mercury is a heavy metal and it is among the most neurotoxic elements on earth. That means mercury can and does damage the nerve tissues in your brain and also all of your nervous system, which sends signals from your brain to the rest of your body.

There is no safe level of mercury for the human body. This means it is harmful at all doses.

They can be replaced with white resin bonded ceramics called composites or with porcelain.


Use A Holistic Dentist

Now don’t just rush out to any old dentist to have this done as special care needs to be taken to lessen your exposure to mercury. Like the use of rubber dam, air filtration, negative ion generators and the provision of separate air supply through a nasal hood as well as special drill bits and respirator protection masks for the dental team. Drilling out the fillings releases a massive amount of mercury vapour and filling particles, which you will otherwise ingest, absorb and inhale.

I also recommend support with a nutritional and supplement program to help neutralize and capture mercury that is coming out from being locked in those fatty areas of the body due to the change in electrical balance.

As your fillings are replaced mercury and other heavy metals redistribute and spread to other parts of your body in an attempt to rebalance the new electrical balance.

We recommend consulting a medical doctor who understands heavy metals and amalgam replacement prior to treatment who will advise on what is the best protocol for you.

Doing detoxification can help bind mercury that is in your body so your system can safely remove it rather than it getting reabsorbed.


Electric Fillings?

Another issue and common problem with mercury fillings are that when they are bathed in saliva they generate an electrical current in your mouth. This is a phenomenon called oral galvanism.

This happens when you touch your filling with your fork and you get that metallic taste in your mouth. It’s a bit like the metal boiling away from the surface of the filling and you can actually taste the metal that is getting released.

This flow of electrical current in the filling is greater than that produced by your nerves – it’s like having little batteries in your teeth. It can cause pain or other symptoms like headaches. It also affects your immune system and can cause insomnia, vertigo and memory loss, so it’s quite serious. Remember our brain is only a few centimetres from the teeth and the increased electrical activity, which is stronger than the normal current of our body can have quite an impact.

The reduction in galvanism occurs immediately once the metal filling is replaced and can often be seen as a miraculous recovery once the current that has been stressing the system has gone.


Safe Amalgam Removal

It’s important to have your mercury fillings replaced safely and then to ensure the new filling is as safe as possible. Many ceramic resin fillings called composite contain plastics like BPA, which are hormone disruptors, but there are a few manufacturers who now understand this and have been producing BPA-free fillings for several years – this is the type of material that I use.

The goal is to eliminate or drastically reduce the load the body has to deal with because of dental treatments and materials. That’s why we use metal free materials to restore teeth, as they are the least reactive with your biochemistry.

What you put in your body impacts and dictates your health and wellbeing and when it comes to dentistry I believe you should be able to make an informed choice.

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Dr Rachel Hall is a SMART certified holistic dentist with a special interest and additional training in safe amalgam removal.

  • Dr. Rachel Hall

    Dr. Rachel Hall

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