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How is safe amalgam removal done?

how is amalgam removal done
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 11 December, 2018

How are amalgam fillings removed safely?

To minimise your exposure to mercury we use SMART protocols which stand for safe mercury amalgam removal technique.

We use a non-latex rubber dam to isolate the teeth we work on so as to prevent the bits of filling splattering into your mouth, we provide you with a nose piece connected to a tank of sterile air so you are breathing a clean air supply, we also use an air purifier vacuum filtration system with a large capture trunk that sits under your chin. This machine captures mercury vapour, particles and others aerosols that get created during the process.

A large dental suction is placed next to or over the teeth we are working on and an auxiliary suction is used under the sheet to ensure your comfort.

I and my assistant wear mercury filter respirator masks to care for our own health too.

It is important to ensure the patient and the dental team are not exposed to any mercury vapour during the process.

If you are considering replacing your amalgam fillings please ensure it is done safely with the right equipment in place as the drilling of the fillings is the most dangerous phase of mercury release and exposure.

  • Dr. Rachel Hall

    Dr. Rachel Hall

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