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Inlays Crowns And Veneers Oh My

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Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 21 September, 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry With Inlays, Crowns and Veneers – Dentist Kenmore

Dr Rachel Hall dentist Kenmore, explains that inlays, crowns and veneers are an inexpensive way of cosmetically repairing broken, cracked, worn, heavily filled or unsightly teeth.

Veneers and Porcelain Fillings

Evolve Dental Healing, Kenmore dentist, uses only the highest grade and most advanced porcelain materials to create a great looking smile.

After an initial consultation with you, we will discuss the most appropriate form of treatment.


An inlay is a porcelain filling bonded into place to protect the tooth when chewing. They are custom made in our lab by our technicians to fit into or over the tooth. They are used when there is insufficient tooth structure to support a directly placed filling.

This is carried out over two appointments, the first of which is to prepare the tooth, take impressions and place a temporary inlay. At the second appointment, the permanent porcelain inlay is bonded to the tooth.


A porcelain crown is a cap, cover or restoration used to replace the missing portion of a tooth.

There are many indications for crowning a tooth. These can be due to cosmetic considerations but most are due to a lack of remaining tooth structure. If a tooth is broken down or heavily filled it can be quite weak and fracture very easily. The crown is placed to protect the tooth from the high biting forces we exert on our teeth whilst eating.

Metal Free Cosmetic and Natural Looking Dentistry

We provide only the latest in metal-free alternatives that give truly lifelike results. These porcelains allow light to transmit through the crown; thereby creating a restoration that is undetectable from the other natural teeth in your smile. With the absence of any metal core on the inside of the crown, there will be no more telltale grey lines that are usually seen with the older metal with ceramic crowns.

Veneers – Dentist Kenmore Explains

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain used to cover the front of a tooth.

They are considered for several reasons such as when the enamel has become worn, chipped or discoloured or the teeth have become misaligned.

Veneers are extremely thin but once bonded to the tooth are unbelievably strong. They are able to block out undesirable colours, such as from a very dark underlying tooth. They can be used to create a smile that is natural and beautiful.

Why Do Dentists Use Inlays, Crowns and Veneers

Inlays, crowns and veneers allow us to repair your teeth to a very high standard. By using the latest most modern materials there will be no way of spotting your new dental work as the porcelain mimics your natural teeth giving you the confidence to smile.

Which is the best treatment for me?

This depends on the tooth and your bite. During an initial consultation, we will recommend an appropriate course of treatment for you.

Is there any long-term maintenance required?

No, however, we do recommend regular oral health checks and dental hygiene appointments to maintain the health of your teeth and gums to ensure longevity in your treatment.

Kenmore Dentist For All You Cosmetic Dental Needs – From Veneers To Smile Makeovers

If you would like to know more about the services we offer or suspect you require an inlay, crown or veneer call us to book a consultation and find out more 07 3720 1811

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    Dr. Rachel Hall

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