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Mercury Fillings – Health Issues and Safe Removal

safe mercury filling removal
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 8 November, 2014

Safe Mercury Filling Removal

What is safe mercury filling removal and why do people have it done? Brisbane Holistic dentist shares the facts about those silver metal fillings in your teeth.

Mercury Fillings – What’s All The Fuss?

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man and yet many of us have mercury fillings in our teeth that are slowing poisoning our bodies. Each time we eat, brush our teeth, drink, or in any way stimulate a filling, mercury vapour is released. We inhale or ingest this toxic substance all day, every day.

Mercury is a neurotoxin that, upon contact, will melt the myelin sheath that coats a nerve, causing the nerve to immediately shrivel and die.

Mercury is extremely harmful to the neurological system and also adversely affects the immune system, cardiovascular system and the reproductive system. In fact, it is extremely toxic to any living tissue.

Mercury is accumulative in our bodies – it simply keeps building up.

Our bodies do not recognise heavy metals like mercury as a harmful pathogen. Due to the molecular similarities of heavy metals to the minerals we need for health, our bodies respond to heavy metals in the same way they do to minerals, incorporating them into our cells.

Low levels of mercury continuously released into our bodies cause a number of problems from impaired mental function/acuity and fatigue to chronic illnesses.

Mercury fillings are a constant source of mercury exposure so holistic dentists recommend safe removal of these amalgam fillings and replacement with non-toxic filling materials.

Safely Removing Mercury Fillings

Your amalgam fillings can be removed and replaced with safe fillings, but it is imperative that you find a highly qualified professional with experience who takes every precaution to minimise your mercury exposure throughout the process.

As mercury fillings are removed they release mercury vapour and particles. For this reason, there are specific protocols you want to be sure your chosen dentist follows to ensure your safety (and the safety of the dental staff).

Safe Protocol to Remove Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings

  • Eye Protection–Your eyes should be covered with safety glasses to prevent contact with both mercury vapours and particles.
  • Airway Protection–Your air should be supplied through a breathing apparatus with forced air
  • Extra Suction – Extra suction/air filtration equipment is used to continually draw away vapours and particles
  • Skin Protection – your entire face should be covered with draping to prevent contact with vapours and particles.
  • Rubber dam – A nitrile (not latex) rubber dam should be used within the mouth to catch particles and prevent you from swallowing them or inhaling vapours.
  • It is important that you thoroughly rinse your mouth and gargle after the extraction of the filling.

If your dentist does not truly understand the risks involved and wear protective gear and use airway protection, do not trust this person to take care of you when it comes to safely remove your amalgam fillings.

How to Find a Dentist to Remove Your Mercury Fillings Safely

You want to find a holistic dentist like that understands about mercury and safe amalgam removal, not just one who uses holistic to advertise and market their practice. A truly holistic practitioner treats the mouth as a part of the entire body and understands the cause and effect of mercury on the entire system. So make sure you ask plenty of questions.

Safe Mercury Filling Removal Dentist Brisbane

Want your amalgam mercury fillings removed safely? Dr Rachel Hall fully understands the safety protocol and care that you require to be protected from mercury exposure and will assist you to support your health and to detox from heavy metals.

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    Dr. Rachel Hall

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