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The Gentle Breath Meditation

gentle breath meditation
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 7 December, 2016

The Gentle Breath Meditation – as taught by Serge Benhayon

Brisbane Holistic Dentist Dr Rachel Hall explores and introduces a simple meditation to support you in daily life.

A Meditation for Health and Vitality

The gentle breath meditation is a simple technique that only takes 10-15 minutes to do. It will help bring stillness to the body, quiet and calm the mind and emotions and help centre you in your soulfulness. Meditating 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes preferably upon waking, at lunchtime and before bed is sufficient to bring about beneficial changes.

The gentle breath mediation will not leave you feeling blissed or relaxed so to speak but will give you a feeling of centredness, stillness and gentleness within the body allowing you to connect to your true state of being or essence. In-truth the gentle breath meditation reconnects you to your inner heart. This connection fills your body with the firey energy of the soul which reduces the amount of pranic energy in the body. It is this pranic/emotional energy that is responsible for all disease and illness.

The firey energy of the soul will in time energetically reconfigure your body back to your divine design which is free of all disease. By meditating on a regular basis you can change your life for the better and aid the natural healing processes of the body. Thus improving energy levels, your mood and emotions, your sleep patterns and so on.

Keep your meditations simple there is no need to sit in any fancy positions or hold your hands/fingers in a certain way. Do not be misled by more complex meditations or visualisation techniques which are busy and much harder to do.

The Gentle Breath Mediation – The Technique

The technique begins with you finding a comfortable position; normally sitting, as the temptation to nod off and sleep when lying down may be too great.

Sit in a chair with your back straight but supported and have your feet flat on the floor without crossing your legs.

Rest your arms on top of your legs with your forearms facing up or slightly opened ensuring your arms are uncrossed. Let your hands find their own place.

Don’t worry too much about your posture just be in a position that is comfortable for you using this description as a guide.

It is unnecessary to be sitting in an awkward cross-legged or lotus positions for your meditation to be effective.

Once comfortable close your eyes with the intention of connecting to yourself.

(Most people close their eyes to shut out the world, distract or numb themselves, which is not the purpose of meditation).

Mechanically and intentionally begin by breathing in gently through your nose, focusing only on the in-breath.

Breathe in your normal rhythm, the breath does not need to be slow or long and definitely not soft but gentle.

Focus the mind on the gentle in-breath at the tip of your nose.

Make each and every in-breath gentle.

After a few breaths, you should feel a cool breeze at the tip of your nose towards the upper part of the nostril. (If your breath is entering around the entire circumference or rim of the nostril you are breathing a soft breath, not a gentle one.)

Bring your awareness to the coolness at the tip of the nose during the in-breath. Should the mind get busy or begin to wonder simply bring the attention back to the tip of the nose.

If you find yourself nodding off then simply take a longer, deeper but gentle in-breath.

Whilst developing the gentle in-breath do not worry about the out-breath just allow it to take its own course.

Do not try and control your breath, just observe it, your breath will develop its own natural rhythm.

Once the in-breath is cool at the tip of the nose, the mind is focused and a natural rhythm has developed begin to bring your attention to the out-breath.

Keeping the awareness on the cool, gentle in-breath bring your attention to the out-breath.

Begin to mechanically and intentionally breathe out with the same gentleness as the in-breath. As the out-breath becomes gentle, become aware of the warmth at the tip of your nose this time at the lower part of your nostril. As you breathe out to focus your attention on the warmth at the tip of the nose.

Continue to breathe with your natural rhythm do not try to control your breath. Continue observing and focusing your attention on the cool in-breath as you breathe in and warm out-breath as you breathe out.

The key here is gentleness.

Once both the in-breath and the out-breath feel gentle and your awareness is at the tip of the nose begin to release your body and allow it to also become gentle.

With the next out-breath release your body by depressing the chest and shoulders mechanically but gently. Consciously release the out breath instead of the body simply deflating.

Allow tightness or hardness in your body to release on the out-breath and let your body become gentle. This allows the firey energy of the soul to diffuse into your body and facilitate healing.

Continue to be aware of the gentle quality of the in- and out-breaths let the mechanical aspect go and your natural rhythm to take over.  Bring your attention back to the coolness at the tip of the nose should your mind wander. After 5-10 minutes of this, you are ready to end the meditation.

Open your eyes and gently go about your business.

Meditation is about your connection to yourself and being able to take this connection along with the feeling of centredness, gentleness and stillness into your day. When you feel yourself losing this connection simply return to the gentleness of breath. Remember it is not about opening your eyes only to return to old frantic and stressful habits. It may be challenging to maintain at first but with patience and time, it will become easier and more natural. Observe and be aware of yourself, focus on breathing the gentle breath and notice how your life begins to change in many small ways.

The gentle breath meditation technique is in accordance as taught by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine. For more information on this work and its study see

Audio versions of The Gentle Breath Meditation are available for free download from the Universal Medicine website and also at Gentle Breath Meditation on Unimed Living where you can find out more about meditation and how to incorporate it into your daily life.

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    Dr. Rachel Hall

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