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The Problems with Amalgam Removal

problems with amalgam removal
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 1 November, 2021

What are the problems with amalgam removal? Amalgam removal has to be done safely by a qualified holistic dentist who understands the issues of mercury exposure and mercury detoxification. Dr Rachel Hall holistic dentist discusses the problems with amalgam removal.

What’s the issue with amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of mercury, silver, copper and tin.

Mercury – the third most toxic substance known to humans – accounts for about 50% of the total metals in amalgam fillings.

The issue with mercury is that it easily becomes a vapour that leaks out of amalgam fillings. This happens because the friction of chewing and teeth grinding and drinking hot liquids, eating hot foods stimulate the mercury to turn into vapour and makes the filling release mercury.

Once the mercury vapour gets released from the amalgam, the mercury is absorbed by mucosal tissue – like the gums, lungs and gut. Once absorbed by mucosal tissue, it makes its way into the bloodstream – travelling to vital organs like the kidneys, liver, brain and heart. It can also make its way into the bones.

Anywhere the blood goes, mercury can go.

Mercury poisoning is associated with over 250 symptoms – the most common of which are fatigue, depression and kidney dysfunction. However, many more serious conditions can arise too. And herein lies the danger of amalgam fillings as once it enters your body and its cells it begins to disrupt your normal biochemical processes causing damage and reduced functioning of your organs and immune system.

Amalgam Filling Removal

Due to the risks associated with mercury poisoning, amalgam filling removal has become increasingly popular, with many patients coming to see us at Evolve Holistic Dentist from around Australia and even overseas.

The removal of amalgam fillings is certainly important in alleviating systemic health risks, but it is only one part of the job if you are serious about detoxing mercury from your body.

The removal of amalgam fillings merely cuts off the mercury supply – meaning it only reduces further exposure. However, it only counts a small amount towards removing the mercury that has accumulated in your body after years of mercury exposure from your amalgam fillings.  

This is the part of amalgam fillings removal that so many people and dentists fail to deal with. It is why people who simply have their amalgam fillings removed continue to suffer the effects of mercury poisoning and fail to make a full recovery. 

And what’s worse the majority of dentists remove your amalgam fillings without adequate safety protocols and actually expose you to more mercury!

Studies conducted on sheep and monkeys showed in 1989 showed that even a month after the animals had amalgam fillings removed, their bodies were still burdened by mercury poisoning.

The same is true for humans – mercury is still stored in the brain, liver, kidney and bone even after amalgam removal and it can take many years for the mercury to leave your system without proper detoxification and support.

The Problems With Removing Amalgam Fillings – Side Effects

Removing amalgam fillings presents risks and challenges of its own. If amalgam removal is not done correctly, it can result in several side effects that wreak havoc on health. Some of the side effects of removing amalgam fillings incorrectly include:

  • Increased exposure to mercury poisoning
  • Upset nervous system
  • Upset immune system
  • Burning mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Gut issues
  • Sleep and emotional issues
  • Weakened immune response

Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings – Holistic Dentist

To lessen the risks of side effects, safe removal of amalgam fillings is required. It is important to note that not all dentists remove amalgam fillings in the same way. In fact, many dentists lack the knowledge to safely remove amalgam fillings and end up doing it the wrong way. This exposes their patients to mercury and potential side effects and health risks.

Safe removal of amalgam fillings is more complex than you may imagine – it is not a matter of simply removing amalgam fillings.

Detoxification Before, During and After Amalgam Removal

The most important thing to remember when removing amalgam fillings is that removal itself will be for nothing if you fail to detox and excrete the mercury accumulated in the body. Accumulated mercury can continue to interfere with the body long after amalgam removal and hence safe removal of amalgam fillings should also encompass protocols for ridding the body of its mercury burden.

The Best Way to Remove Amalgam Fillings

At Evolve Dental Healing Holistic Dentist Brisbane, amalgam filling removal is done alongside a detox program with or without the support of a naturopath or integrative GP to provide additional dietary and detoxification support to our patients. We believe that amalgam removal is not simply about removing amalgams; it is about achieving long-lasting health by treating the cause, not the symptoms.

Safe Amalgam Removal Dentist Brisbane

Evolve Dental has been providing safe amalgam removal since 2005 and Dr Rachel has over 20 years experience in this field helping thousands of patients achieve healthy mercury-free mouths.

To find out more about safe amalgam removal and to book your consultation call us at 07 3720 1811 today

Safe Amalgam Removal – Video From 2018

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    Dr. Rachel Hall

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