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Let us help you to understand and discover the dental issues that could be impacting your overall health now and in the future.  At Evolve Dental Healing Holistic Kenmore Dentist Brisbane we provide a total health approach to your smile.

As holistic dentists, we evaluate your lifestyle, habits and diet in addition to your dental health when we assess your dental issues.

Holistic dentistry uses the latest approach to dental health where we choose the safest most non-toxic, modern dental materials and techniques for your overall health and wellbeing.

We work closely with other health practitioners and specialists to give you the most comprehensive health and dental care available.

We take the time and care to fully evaluate and check the health of your teeth, mouth and gums as well as looking for signs of any overall health concerns with our exclusive Evolve Dental Kenmore Experience and innovative approach to holistic dental health care, providing treatments to support you to have a healthy mouth and a healthy life.

We want you to be able to enjoy an active healthy life with a pain free beautiful looking smile now and for years to come.

Call us today on 3720 1811 or by completing the form HERE, and let us assist YOU in achieving the dental and health results you deserve.

Holistic Dentists in Brisbane


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Dr Rachel Hall Kenmore Dentist Explains The Evolve Dental Holistic Difference


Dental care should go miles past the checkup and teeth clean on your average visit. We treat your mouth as the gateway to the rest of your health system.

Evolve Dental supports you understand your dental issues, the causes and how to prevent them.

Through our holistic dental approach, we empower each individual to get the most out of life – while bearing a stunning smile.

This is dentistry with a difference where the goal is to return your mouth to health and then support you to keep it that way.

Call Evolve Dental Healing Kenmore Dentist today on 07 3720 1811 and enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for life from a trusted holistic dentist in Kenmore Brisbane.

How Can Evolve Dental Healing Brisbane Holistic Dentist 
Help You?

Evolve Dental Healing in Kenmore Brisbane is built on the philosophy that a healthy mouth is fundamental to living a healthy long life, where Dr Rachel Hall and her highly trained team believes you deserve to have a healthy, beautiful smile you can be proud of no matter what your age.

We offer an innovative approach to dental health care, incorporating a broad range of general, holistic and cosmetic dental services to enhance your smile, and restore comfort and function to your mouth.

Kenmore Holistic Dentist

Smile - It’s Good For You

A healthy smile is so important for overall health, oral health disease is linked with diabetes and heart disease, therefore we want to play our part to help people improve their overall wellbeing.

Regular dental care and hygiene will keep your teeth in the best shape but in the long run it could save you time, money, keep you looking younger… And it could also save your life!

By taking care of your smile, you enhance your confidence and you improve your health.

holistic Kenmore Dentist

Holistic Dentist Brisbane

Holistic dentistry focuses on the process of health and wellness and not merely the treatment of disease. This innovative approach to dental care embraces both modern science and knowledge drawn from the world’s great traditions of natural healing that can be applied to promote health and wellbeing.

These basic principles form the foundation for all holistic health practices. Amongst these is the need for optimal nourishment, the elimination of toxins, and the maintenance of physical, mental and energetic balance through lifestyle and stress management strategies.

Evolve Dental Brisbane Holistic Dentist offers an innovative approach to holistic dental health care of the mouth where we focus on understanding the underlying causes of dental disease and providing dental treatments to support you to have a healthy mouth and a healthy life.

Safe Amalgam Removal and Mercury Free Dentistry Brisbane

Evolve Dental is only one of a handful of dental practices in Australia to be certified as a SMART dental office by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Dr Rachel Hall, Brisbane Holistic Dentist, is a founding member and vice-president of IAOMT Australasia.

The Evolve Dental Healing Team has helped over 8000 people achieve healthy, metal and mercury free smiles, having safely removed in excess of 23,000 mercury containing silver amalgam fillings. That’s people of all ages and backgrounds from Kenmore, Brisbane and across Australia who travel to have their holistic dental and health care needs met by a SMART Certified holistic dental practice.

Dental Payment Plan for Evolve Dentist Kenmore

Making Life and Dentistry Easier For You With Payment Plans

To make sure that you enjoy easy and affordable access to our wide range of treatments and services, you can use our payment plan for a variety of treatments ranging from cosmetic to general, including teeth whitening, crowns & bridges, smile makeovers, and so on.

Budget For Your Dental Care With Our Payment Plans

We believe in getting dental treatment when you need it instead of when you can afford it, which is why at Evolve Dental Kenmore Dentists we have payment plans.

Your teeth and the condition of your dental health all contribute to your body’s overall health. This is why it is so important to seek the dental help you need as soon as possible. We understand that dental work is often difficult to fit into your budget, which is why we offer payment plans for our patients.

Ask our appointment booking coordinators today how easy it is to start! Call 3720 1811

Dental Services at Evolve Holistic Dentist Brisbane

holistic Kenmore Dentist

    Amalgam removal to safely remove mercury-containing silver fillings. Silver fillings are a mixture of metals known as amalgam and contain over 50% mercury. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal implicated in many poor health outcomes and health disorders. As your health and wellness are our number one goal we believe that dental amalgam has no place in modern dentistry and choose modern ceramic filling materials instead. All amalgam fillings are removed following safe amalgam removal guidelines.

    We are accredited in “SMART” safe amalgam removal protocols and take into account the health effects during and post-treatment. Every safe amalgam removal plan is unique and can be tailored to meet your budget or be completed in stages.

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    Your first step to a great smile. Dr Rachel Hall and her team at Kenmore take into account your wants, needs, and the latest clinical treatments available for your healthy smile makeover. Combining several cosmetic dental treatments like veneers, teeth whitening and adult orthodontics that are safe for you and your overall health, your healthy smile makeover will improve the health, aesthetics and function of your smile so you can look great and feel great with a healthy beautiful smile.

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    Whatever your dental needs you deserve to have a healthy beautiful smile for life. From replacing old, dark and unsightly metal fillings to whitening or straightening your teeth we can recommend services to give you the smile of your dreams.

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Memberships and Certifications

Kenmore Cosmetic And Holistic Dentist Brisbane

Evolve Dental is an established part of the Kenmore community.

 Evolve Dental Healing, founded by dentist Dr Rachel Hall, opened in Kenmore in 2005.

Kenmore is 10km from the Brisbane CDB and Indooroopilly Shopping Centre is only a few minutes away. 

At Evolve Dental we offer you the best of dental care and also a warm Kenmore welcome.

Check out what this delightful suburb has to offer at your new patient dental appointment or check-up and have a coffee at one of the local Kenmore cafes on us.

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