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Safe Amalgam Removal Dentist Brisbane

Safe Amalgam Removal Dentist Kenmore, BrisbaneMany people come to see us at Evolve Dental, holistic amalgam removal dentist Brisbane, requesting safe amalgam removal, and replacement of silver amalgam mercury fillings. Some people want their amalgam fillings removed for health reasons, because of concerns regarding the safety of these silver coloured mercury containing fillings. Others want them replaced for cosmetic purposes as they do not like the appearance of black, dark fillings and discoloured teeth.

The team of Evolve Dental Healing Brisbane Holistic Dentist, is knowledgeable and highly trained in the treatment of Safe Amalgam Removal

Dr Rachel Hall, Brisbane Holistic Dentist, is a dental expert with 30 years experience. She has extensive experience in providing holistic dentistry, safe amalgam removal, and cosmetic dental services.

We offer state of the art technology and dentistry with a difference where your total health is as important as your smile.

If you are thinking about replacing your amalgam mercury fillings, book an appointment with Evolve Amalgam Removal Dentist Brisbane 07 3720 1811


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SMART Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Brisbane

Let’s look at the SMART protocol in more detail:

Whenever an amalgam filling is drilled or replaced mercury vapour is released which without special measures you would normally inhale, ingest and absorb into your body.

The amalgam turns into fine particles, fragments and a sludge that splatters over the insides of your mouth. The mouth tissues are highly absorbent and will take up mercury from the sludge; plus it is very easy for you to swallow and ingest the amalgam fragments.

In order to minimise your exposure to the mercury vapour all amalgams are replaced following strict SMART protocols that involves the use of rubber dam and air filtration with IQair dental mercury filtration device.

Rubber dam is a sheet of rubber which is stretched around the teeth being treated. Holes are punched which allow only the teeth to be worked on to be exposed. It acts as a physical barrier that prevents you inhaling mercury vapour through your mouth. Rubber dam also acts as a shield stopping amalgam particles, water and dental decay contacting your mouth tissues thus preventing ingestion and absorption of particles.

It is an incredibly simple way to prevent either inhalation of vapour or ingestion of amalgam particles. The use of rubber dam is one of the most important parts of the amalgam removal protocol. It also allows for more rapid removal of amalgam. Most patients feel more comfortable with rubber dam as they do not end up with a mouth full of amalgam particles and water.

At Evolve Dental Amalgam Removal Dentist Brisbane we use a special type of rubber dam designed to reduce the penetration of mercury vapour through the rubber sheet.

It involves the use of a filtration machine with flexible vacuum arm or suction duct which captures the aerosol and vapours from the drilling process.

At Evolve Dental Healing Amalgam Removal Dentist Brisbane by using the IQ AIR FlexVac machine, a mobile air cleaning system with a flexible suction duct designed to capture drill aerosols, abrasion powder and mercury vapours during dental procedures, we can greatly minimise exposure to mercury vapour.

The flexible suction duct is typically placed above the patient’s chest, next to the chin from where it directly captures drill aerosols and mercury vapours before they can spread and be inhaled by the patient or members of the dental team.

The best way to prevent inhalation of mercury and amalgam particles is to have the air flow directed away from the patient and use high volume suction in the mouth with a rubber dam applied to the teeth to be worked on.

We provide a separate air supply for patients to breath though a nose piece to reduce any risk of accidental mercury inhalation. The dentist and dental team wear protective mercury filtering respirator mask to ensure their own safety during the process.

The dental drill uses a variety of tips for differing purposes. Diamond burs grind the tooth. They are smoother and take longer to cut than tungsten carbide burs. They will therefore produce far greater levels of mercury when drilling. It is essential to use carbide burs which shatter the amalgam into large lumps when drilling. We always use tungsten carbide burs when removing amalgam for exactly this reason.

It has been demonstrated numerous times that massive water flow onto the tip of the cutting bur is essential to reduce the level of mercury vapour created in the cutting process. All water used in the Evolve Dental Healing surgery is demineralized and filtered to be fluoride free and sterile.

Each surgery and room within the practice is equipped with air filtration and high volume extractor fans that vent the air out from the practice quickly thus minimising inhalation and skin contact with the mercury vapour that may otherwise linger in the surgery.

Supplements such as Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc and B Vitamins etc may be recommended in order to support your immune function and detoxification systems during extensive amalgam removal treatments. We also work with Doctors and practitioners to support you with the mercury removal process.

We have an amalgam separator fitted to our dental chairs. This means that we capture 99.99% of our amalgam waste instead of it going into the water supply. Without an amalgam separator the sludge and fine particles from drilled out amalgam goes into the suction the out into the water supply polluting it with silver, tin, copper and MERCURY. Our practice is not only mercury free (as in we do not use amalgam) but we are also mercury SAFE.

As we are an Amalgam Removal Dentist Brisbane we have developed a network of doctors and practitioners from a broad range of modalities who share our philosophy and approach to health so that we can offer you more than dental treatment alone and provide you with the care and support that you may need.

Our Practice

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) Dentist

Evolve Dental Brisbane Dentist, is only one of a handful of dental practices in Australia to be certified as a SMART dental office by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ( IAOMT  is a global network of dentists, health professionals, and scientists who research the biocompatibility of dental products, including the risks of mercury fillings, fluoride and root canals.

Dr Rachel Hall is a certified amalgam removal dentist in Brisbane, she is the vice-president of the Australasian Chapter of IAOMT and takes a keen role in educating dentists and the general public in SMART protocols and holistic dental health.

As we are SMART certified dentist we offer an extremely comprehensive amalgam removal service following exceptionally strict protocols to ensure we minimise any potential mercury exposure to you the patient, the environment and our team members. 

As part of our 6 Step Amalgam Removal process you will receive a detailed information booklet about mercury and its health impacts prior to your initial visit where you will receive a thorough amalgam removal consultation including a full comprehensive dental examination Including a Hidden Amalgam Check… Where you’ll get x-rays and photographs taken during your assessment to check for any hidden amalgam under white fillings… and we also look for any cracks, decay, infections, mouth and jaw joint issues or active gum disease.

At the consultation we discuss what is involved in the process and answer any questions you may have regarding mercury, amalgam fillings and your health. Time is taken to explain the implications of replacing your amalgams and any possible after effects along with ways in which to support yourself during the process and maximise mercury excretion and elimination from the body.

At this visit we also formulate a personalised tailor made treatment plan for your teeth and mouth as well as providing you with a break down of fees for treatment in addition to information sheets on amalgam removal and nutritional support/detox programs you may wish to implement

Book an appointment with us to take an assessment and we’ll discuss further information about the treatment.

Dental Amalgam And Amalgam Removal Dentist Brisbane

Dental amalgam is a mixture of silver and tin plus other metals mixed with 50% mercury. Once combined as amalgam the mercury is supposedly bound within the filling material. However as stated earlier research shows that the mercury escapes and can accumulate in your system.

Mercury is known to be an extremely toxic heavy metal and can reduce kidney, liver and thyroid function, be related to depression and mood swings, can suppress the immune system and is implicated in many nervous system disorders just to mention a few of the health implications.

Please note we are not claiming that dental amalgam makes you sick however there is enough scientific evidence to link mercury exposure to reduced health and that the link between mercury vapour release from amalgam fillings is thus heavily implicated. 

Many of the patients who seek amalgam removal treatment with Evolve Dental Healing holistic dentist Brisbane do so due to medical reasons and health concerns.

It is our recommendation that:

  1. Patient’s avoid having further amalgam fillings placed as there are many other filling materials available that are equally durable making the need to use amalgam obsolete. and
  2. If amalgam needs to be removed, for example because there is decay or a problem with the filling, that it is done following our safe amalgam removal guidelines.

5 Reasons To Get Silver AmalGam Fillings Removed

Discover 5 reasons people just like you have had their silver fillings removed

1. Concern about their general health, they don’t have any particular health issues but now they don’t feel as good as they used to or as they could and they are worried that it is the mercury in the filling that is part of the problem

2. They have a lot of health problems and it has come up in tests that they have issues with heavy metals and they have been advised by their practitioner to have the mercury fillings removed.

3. They are in good health and into a clean healthy lifestyle and having mercury in their teeth does not fit with their ideal of health or their choices of what they will or won’t put into their body

4. Cosmetics – they simply don’t like the look of the unsightly dark metal fillings in their teeth

5. There is decay or breakage of the tooth or filling, or the filling has broken down and no longer properly sealing the tooth off against bacteria.

In all cases we remove them following our strict safety protocols to reduce mercury exposure.

Drilling out old amalgam fillings without any special care or SMART protection is DANGEROUS because of increased exposure to mercury vapour that gets released by the friction from the dental drill. When drilling out amalgam filling upto 5000 times the safe air limit exposure to mercury is created … that’s why your dentist must follow SMART protocols, which are to minimise your exposure to mercury.

At Evolve Dental Healing we use SMART protocols which stands for safe mercury amalgam removal technique for every single mercury containing or metal filling we remove. As part of these safety measures ee use a non-latex rubber dam to isolate the teeth we work on so as to prevent the bits of filling splattering into your mouth, we provide you with a nose piece connected to a tank of sterile air so you are breathing a clean air supply, we also use an air purifier vacuum filtration system with a large capture trunk that sits under your chin. A large dental suction is placed next to or over the teeth we are working on and an auxiliary suction is used under the sheet to ensure your comfort. Plus the dentist and their assistants wear mercury filter respirator masks to care for their own health too.

There are a number of alternatives depending upon the size of the original filling, its position in the mouth, biting pressures, etc. Teeth can be restored with composite tooth colored fillings, onlays (larger laboratory processed “fillings”) and crowns.  We will discuss these options thoroughly prior to commencing treatment.

Even if you have very large amalgams they can still be removed as with modern dentistry we can more easily rebuild your tooth than we could in the past. Actually if your fillings are very large they contain a bigger volume of mercury and also more likely to cause cracking and fracture of your tooth structure which may mean what is left can’t be fixed.

No matter how old your amalgam filling is it will be leaking mercury from the day it is placed to the day it is removed. The mercury release goes on for decades and increases as the filling ages due to breakdown and corrosion and increased surface area exposure.

SMART technique and certification

Evolve Dental is SMART Certified. Dr Rachel Hall the principal dentist and founder of Evolve Dental Healing is the Vice President of IAMOT Australasia – the governing body for the scientific guides lines behind holistic dentistry.

Our experience – to date Dr Rachel has successfully and safely removed nearly 17,000 amalgam fillings of all shapes and sizes since opening Evolve in 2005.

You might find this shocking but it is illegal for dentists to throw waste dental amalgam in the bin or wash it down the sink!!

And that’s why we replace it with bio-friendly material filling material that are good for your teeth and your health.

The large pieces of amalgam are captured in a filter unit which is emptied into a special airtight container so it can be stored under chemicals which prevent outgassing of mercury. 

It is illegal to throw amalgam scraps into the bin or wash them down the sink because of the mercury content yet dentists can put it in your teeth. How crazy is that?

The smaller sludge that amalgam creates is captured in an amalgam separator filter so it does not end up in the water supply, unlike most dental practices who’s suction waste contains mercury and contributes to environmental pollution.

Do I Need To Eat Or Drink Anything Special When Having My Amalgam Fillings Removed?

We recommend an at home detox protocol designed to upgrade your body’s natural detoxification processes. However, if you have a lot of health issues or sensitivities we like you to also be supported by a naturopath or integrative medicine GP, nutritionist or similar. The reason we recommend nutritional protocols is to help your body offset and cope with the mercury that will dump from your body as the amalgams get removed.

The types of things we recommend are foods high in sulphur, good quality proteins, and full of antioxidants. It is similar to an alkalising or anti-inflammatory diet with no processed foods, caffeine, gluten, diary, sugar or alcohol. We also recommend specific supplements, vitamins and minerals to support you through the process.

It’s time to take TOXIC mercury out of your mouth…

Speak to Evolve Dental today to book your Private Amalgam Consultation and discover our 6-Step Safe Amalgam Removal Program

6-Step Safe Amalgam Removal Program

You’ll receive a ‘Welcome to Evolve’ Pack with information about your visit… including free eBooks written by Dr Rachel so you understand your options ahead of time.

Your first visit to Evolve Dental is a 40-minute private consultation with Dr Rachel, giving you plenty of time to ask any questions as we thoroughly assess your health and wellbeing…

Including a Hidden Amalgam Check…

Where you’ll get x-rays and photographs taken during your assessment to check for any hidden amalgam under white fillings… and any cracks, decay, infections or active gum disease.

Please allow up to 90 minutes for this first appointment as our friendly dental team will need additional time to prepare you for the Heavy Metal Detox Program.

Your body will require detoxification from the heavy metal exposure you’ve experienced since having your fillings placed. You’ll get all the information and support you need to help eliminate mercury from your body, including a recommended detox diet and supplements program.

The Heavy Metal Detox Program is an at-home process, and an essential part of preparing yourself for safe amalgam removal.

During your first appointment, you’ll receive a custom treatment plan tailored to your unique amalgam removal needs. Your treatment process will be clearly outlined and explained to you, along with your personal Heavy Metal Detox Program.

This empowers you to understand the process and fees involved ahead of scheduling in your amalgam removal… so you never feel pressured. 

At your second appointment, it’s time to remove your silver fillings and restore your teeth!

Evolve Dental Healing is a SMART ‘Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique’ Certified dental clinic… which means we’re trained and certified to do everything we can to minimise your exposure to mercury during the removal process…

  • A rubber dam is used to isolate the teeth being worked on… the dam acts as a physical barrier to prevent particles and lumps of amalgam from splattering into your mouth…
  • You’ll be provided with sterile, clean air to ensure you’re not breathing in air contaminated with mercury particles…
  • Our specialised filtration machine, the IQ Air Hg Pro, vacuums up particles and mercury vapour to prevent mercury contamination in the treatment room…

Once your silver fillings are safely removed, Dr Rachel restores your teeth with non-toxic biocompatible material that is gentle on your body and immune-system friendly. 

It’s important you feel empowered and cared for at every stage of your amalgam removal process… so we’ll call to check in with you after your Amalgam Removal Session to see how you’re feeling and answer any questions you may have.

Get Your Amalgam Removed at our Holistic Dental Clinic in Kenmore to Remove Toxins and Restore Your Teeth With Healthy Biocompatible Materials.

Call now to book your private amalgam consultation.

Results of Removal of Amalgam Fillings

For the week following amalgam removal, body mercury levels increase significantly, depending on protective measures taken, but within 2 weeks levels fall significantly. Chronic conditions can worsen temporarily, but usually improve if adequate precautions are taken to reduce exposure during removal. Removal of amalgam fillings resulted in a significant reduction in body burden and body waste product load of mercury. Total reduction in mercury levels in blood and urine is often over 80% within a few months.

There are extensive documented cases (many thousands) where removal of amalgam fillings led to cure or significant improvement of serious health problems such as periodontal diseases, oral keratosis(pre cancer), immune system/ autoimmune problems, allergies, asthma, chronic headaches/ [RH2] migraines, multiple chemical sensitivities, epilepsy, blood conditions, eczema, chron’s disease, stomach problems, lupus, dizziness/vertigo, arthritis, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s/ muscle tremor, Alzheimer’s, muscular/joint pain/fibromyalgia, infertility, depression, schizophrenia, insomnia, anger, anxiety & mental confusion, susceptibility to infections, antibiotic resistant infection, endometriosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, tachycardia and heart problems, memory disorders, cancer, neuropathy/paraesthesia, alopecia/hair loss, sinus problems, tinnitus, chronic eye conditions: inflammation/iritis/astigmatism/myopia /cataracts/macula degeneration, vision disturbances, psoriasis, skin conditions, urinary/prostrate problems, hearing loss, candida, PMS, diabetes, etc.

With the use of chemical or natural chelation to reduce accumulated mercury body burden in addition to amalgam replacement reports show over 80% with chronic health problems were cured or significantly improved. The recovery rate of those using dentists with special equipment and training in protecting the patient reported much higher success rates than those with standard training and equipment.

Interviews of a large population of Swedish patients that had amalgams removed due to health problems found that virtually all reported significant health improvements and that the health improvements were permanent (study period 17 years).

Use A Holistic Dentist For Your Amalgam Removal

Now don’t just rush out to any old dentist to have this done as special care needs to be taken to lessen your exposure to mercury. Like the use of rubber dam, air filtration, negative ion generators and the provision of separate air supply through a nasal hood as well as special drill bits and respirator protection masks for the dental team. Drilling out the fillings releases a massive amount of mercury vapour and filling particles, which you will otherwise ingest, absorb and inhale.

I also recommend support with a nutritional and supplement program to help neutralise and capture mercury that is coming out from being locked in those fatty areas of the body due to the change in electrical balance.

As your fillings are replaced mercury and other heavy metals redistribute and spread to other parts of your body in an attempt to rebalance the new electrical balance.

We recommend consulting a medical doctor who understands heavy metals and amalgam replacement prior to treatment who will advise on what is the best protocol for you.

Doing detoxification can help bind mercury that is in your body so your system can safely remove it rather than it getting reabsorbed.

Another issue and common problem with mercury fillings are that when they are bathed in saliva they generate an electrical current in your mouth. This is a phenomenon called oral galvanism.

This happens when you touch your filling with your fork and you get that metallic taste in your mouth. It’s a bit like the metal boiling away from the surface of the filling and you can actually taste the metal that is getting released.

This flow of electrical current in the filling is greater than that produced by your nerves – it’s like having little batteries in your teeth. It can cause pain or other symptoms like headaches. It also affects your immune system and can cause insomnia, vertigo and memory loss, so it’s quite serious. Remember our brain is only a few centimetres from the teeth and the increased electrical activity, which is stronger than the normal current of our body can have quite an impact.

The reduction in galvanism occurs immediately once the metal filling is replaced and can often be seen as a miraculous recovery once the current that has been stressing the system has gone.

It’s important to have your mercury fillings replaced safely and then to ensure the new filling is as safe as possible. Many ceramic resin fillings called composite contain plastics like BPA, which are hormone disruptors, but there are a few manufacturers who now understand this and have been producing BPA fillings for several years – this is the type of material that I use.

The goal is to eliminate or drastically reduce the load the body has to deal with because of dental treatments and materials. That’s why we use metal free materials to restore teeth, as they are the least reactive with your biochemistry.

What you put in your body impacts and dictates your health and wellbeing and when it comes to dentistry I believe you should be able to make an informed choice.

At Evolve Dental Healing holistic dentist Brisbane, our amalgam removal consultation and examination is a fixed fee which includes all diagnostic testing, x-rays, photos, gum health check, jaw joint and bite analysis, full mouth health assessment, detection of infection, inflammation, disease, checks for cracks, cavities, failing dentistry and a personalised treatment plan plus at home detox and nutritional support plan.


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