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We want to make your visit a great experience so have created a quiet and calm environment for you to sit before and after your appointment. The reception area is spacious, comfortable and tranquil with a lovely view out to the front garden and trees beyond. Reception is decorated in calm relaxing colours, complemented with art work and ambient lighting. Incense and essential oils are used to create a pleasant environment. Our modern reception facilities include two computer stations, hicaps and eftpos, private seating area for treament planning discussions and payments. The reception desk incorporates a display pillar containing our current range of stock and sales items.

Treatment Rooms

The dental surgery is brand new and fully furnished with the latest equipment and technology.

We have two generously sized treatment rooms which have been designed to be functional but welcoming and comfortable with large floor to ceiling windows allowing views out to the private gardens. With essential oil burners and music to help you feel relaxed and calm our aim is to provide you with the best quality care in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Clean and Hygienic

The dental practice is equipped with a high-tech sterilising room where all instruments are processed, autoclaved and sterilised for each patient ensuring the highest level of infection control.

We also use air flitration to evacuate mercury from our rooms during the drilling and removing of amalgams. Making us mercury safe surgery.

Need to Freshen Up?

If you would like a drink of filtered fluoride free water just ask one of our team who will be delighted to provide one for you. Please also make use of our beautiful powder room for that last minute brush and floss before you go through or to freshen up, redo your hair or make up before you head back to work. Alternatively you may wish to simply admire the lovely dental work you have just received.

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We offer a wide range of dental services and work closely with practitioners from a broad range of modalities who share our philosophy and approach to health such as: doctors, massage therapists, naturopaths, counsellors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and health coaches.

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