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4 Reasons To Get Dental Veneers

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Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 10 November, 2020

Why Dental Veneers Are Right For You

Dental veneers, Kenmore dentist Dr Rachel Hall explains 4 reason to get dental veneers for your smile.

Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dental treatment in Australia. At my Kenmore dentist office, I see a lot of people asking how to improve their smiles, and veneers are a really great long-term solution as they are very helpful in improving some of the aesthetic concerns or challenges you may have with your smile.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells usually made of porcelain, which are matched to your natural teeth or to the shade of your choice if you would like your teeth to look whiter and brighter. Veneers work by replacing a thin layer of enamel on the outer face of your front teeth. You may choose to get just a couple of veneers to improve the appearance of particular teeth, or several veneers across multiple teeth to create a more uniform look in your smile. Veneers are a simple and easy way to change your smile and can be done in as little as two visits to your trusted Kenmore dentist as part of our cosmetic services or more comprehensive smile makeovers.

How to Get Dental Veneers at Kenmore

Your dentist after consulting with you to understand your concerns and goals for your smile will first trim away a thin layer of enamel from the front of each tooth you want to place a veneer on. Next, an impression is taken so that your dentist has a mould of the shape of your prepared teeth.

You’ll get temporary covers to wear on your teeth until your veneers are completed. Once they’re ready, your dentist will remove the temporary covers and bond the veneers in place with a permanent dental cement.

Why should you think about enhancing your smile with dental veneers with Evolve Kenmore Dentist?

Here are a few of the ways veneers could help your teeth look their best.

1. Smooth Out Rough Enamel

Do you have any teeth with rough textures that show when you smile? Whether your tooth has natural enamel defects or was damaged in some way, a veneer can give it a smoother more even texture.

2. Close Up Gaps Between Teeth

Your teeth may be perfectly straight, save for a gap in your smile. If you’d like to close up that space without getting braces, veneers may be your best solution. Veneers placed on two neighbouring teeth can be made just slightly wider than the natural teeth were before, so that they hide the gap.

3. Even Out Tooth Size

If you’re embarrassed that one front tooth is bigger than the other, or some look shorter and out of place, then you can bring the smaller one up a few sizes with a dental veneer to match the ones around it.

4. Brighten Dull Smiles

Do you have teeth that won’t lighten in colour no matter how much you bleach or use teeth whitening products? Veneers can mask them completely with a solid porcelain layer so that the stain doesn’t show through.

Are Your Teeth Suitable for Veneers?

Dental veneers can dramatically change the appearance of teeth in just a couple of appointments.

Not all teeth are suited to get veneers, however. Back molars, for example, aren’t good candidates for veneers. They are used for chewing up food, so they experience a lot of biting forces. Similarly, lower front teeth press against the backs of the upper front teeth when you bite and may not be able to be veneered.

You’ll also need to be sure that your tooth doesn’t need more support from a restoration such as a dental crown (or have active gum disease) before you get a dental veneer.

A cosmetic dentist like Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Kenmore dentist can help you determine which of your teeth stand to benefit from dental veneers!

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    Dr. Rachel Hall

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