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How Will I Feel After Safe Amalgam Removal

How Will I Feel After Safe Amalgam Removal
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 12 February, 2019

What Are The After Effects of Safe Amalgam Removal

Even with safe amalgam removal where your exposure to mercury is kept to a minimum, there are some things for you to be aware of. After all, you’ve just had dental treatment and your body will be undergoing a heavy metal mercury detox process.

In this short blog, Dr Rachel Hall holistic dentist discusses what you may experience after safe amalgam removal.

What will I expect after the amalgams are removed?

Firstly just like any other dental procedure your likely to experience some mouth discomfort and teeth sensitivity to temperature and pressure which normally resolves after a week or two.

Because you will be detoxing mercury you can feel low in energy, a bit flu-like, tired, achy and emotional.

However, if you are doing you at home detox and we have planned out your treatment carefully these detox symptoms should be quite minimal.

I have had numerous patients tell me how much better they felt almost as soon as the fillings were gone and I think this is due to the reduction of micro-electrical currents that the metal fillings generate.

Will having my amalgams out improve my health?

Now, this is a difficult one to answer, as everyone is different, our bodies all respond differently to treatments and we are not all presenting with the same issues.

I have seen many patients have self-reported positive health outcomes and others who sadly did not notice any significant differences. However, I do know everyone of them has been glad to get their fillings out and have the peace of mind knowing they are gone and mercury is no longer coming out of their teeth.

What will I experience after my amalgams are removed?

After amalgam removal, just like any other dental treatment, you are likely to experience some slight mouth discomfort from having injections to make your teeth numb and where the clips for the rubber dam and filling work get placed.

The teeth worked on can be sensitive to temperature and biting for a few days up to a couple of weeks after. Your jaw joints may also be sore especially if you already have issues with the joint from clenching or grinding.

As you will be undergoing a detox of mercury you can feel more tired than normal and may experience aching in joints and muscles, chills, upset tummy, headaches and changes in mood like any other detox.

Thankfully due to the safety precautions, careful planning and your at home detox plan any symptoms should be minimal and short lived.

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    Dr. Rachel Hall

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