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Illness and Disease or Wellness and Vitality

Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 8 December, 2016

What Is Wellness?

Dentist Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing Kenmore explores the concepts of wellness.

Wellness these days does not mean the same as it did 20 to 30 years ago. Wellness now is about managing or living with our illness or condition. We are happy to tolerate or live with a sore back, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue etc because compared to someone who has cancer we believe we are better off. We accept a life that is devoid of vitality because our illness or condition is not terminal.

We Are Designed To Be Vital

However, our body is designed to be vital and to be in harmony; something as simple as a sore back is telling us that the way in which we are choosing to live is not in line with our true way of being. It is not until the sore back worsens and the painkillers, massage, physio and other treatments no longer give relief, all be it temporarily, do we begin to contemplate why our back is sore in the first place and begin to seek more answers.

Healing Vs Cure

Many people will simply seek a physical cure as the answer to alleviating the symptoms of their disease and no genuine effort is given to seeking the real reason as to why the symptoms arose. What we seek in this instance is ‘physical comfort’, which is merely a form of ‘existence’ just below the pain threshold and is not in-truth the same as vitality and wellness. Alleviating symptoms alone is not a true form of healing, as the cause of the condition has not been addressed only the condition itself. It is for this reason that the symptoms may disappear only to recur later as more severe and complicated ones.

It is yet to be proven that most disease is caused by energetic disturbance or disharmony stored within the cells of the body. The energy disturbance can be emotional or mental in origin or both. Once it is stored within the cells it causes either a stagnation (blockage) or an excess (over stimulation) of energy flow in that area of the body. It is this, the stagnation or excess of energy that ultimately manifests as a disease in the physical body.

Any form of emotional suffering or longing like frustration, anger, grief, fear, emptiness or sadness and so on, becomes trapped or stuck within the cells impeding normal energy flow.  These emotions can be triggered by numerous external causes such as negative childhood experiences, the loss of a loved one or something special, abuse, issues with parents, family members or friends. It can also be due to inner issues like lack of self esteem, feeling unable to meet others expectations, lack of self love, searching for love, acceptance and/or recognition from others, not being in control or having things go your own way, and many more.

These issues are the result of experiences that happen in life from early childhood to the present, and if you are open to the possibility of reincarnation, even past life experiences. If these ‘issues’ and ‘emotional patterns’ are not cleared from the body they lead to stagnation or excess of energy flow and manifest as disease.

So often people are unaware of the emotional pattern(s) that they hold and thus tend not recognise or identify with it until it is triggered and then resurfaces as an emotional reaction. We tend to be out of touch with our feelings, disconnected from our own true emotions and ignorant of our behavioral patterns and the belief systems imposed upon us from birth.

If an event, circumstances or a person trigger you and you react out of anger, fear, frustration or sadness then you are holding onto an issue that needs to be resolved. In many cases the issue causes deep pain that so immense it becomes unconsciously hidden and buried deep within. We know deep down that something is not right but are unwilling to confront what that is so choose instead to distract and numb ourselves by being busy or using drugs, alcohol, food and entertainment. If these issues continue to be unresolved then disease may result.

Remember disease is the body’s way of expressing that something inside is out of balance. We can choose to use disease or illness as an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and recognise and identify the issues and emotional patterns we are holding and so release them from the body. It is in this way that a true healing is achieved and we are introduced to the awareness of our divine center. Or alternatively we can choose to seek a physical cure.

Treating a disease or illness to alleviate or reduce its symptoms is what we commonly refer to as a cure and should not be confused with a true healing. A cure appears to relieve or in some cases remove the symptoms of a condition but it does so without addressing the root cause or energy that created it initially. A true healing changes, transmutes or releases the patterns or energy that created the illness.

In some instances the illness itself e.g the cancer can be the healing that the body requires to deal with the root cause. With a cure the symptoms may have ceased to exist yet the emotional issue remains in the body where it is capable of causing more disease, as the energetic disturbance has not been corrected. This is often seen in cases of cancer where numerous cancer patients may be successfully cured with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments just to subsequently discover that a new cancer forms years later. If the root cause (energetic disturbance and emotional patterns) has not been changed or eliminated it may express in another way in the future resulting in secondary conditions.

These secondary conditions then become the focus of treatment whilst all the time the root cause is being overlooked. Obviously medicine has its own answers and interpretations for why these occurrences happen, however, what is not correctly understood is that the source of the physical manifestation of an illness or disease has an energetic influence.

Please note here that I am not advocating abandoning the use of physical treatments but stating the need to apply them in conjunction with true healing modalities that address the causative energy.

To truly heal a disease the energetic disturbance that was created by the emotional issue or pattern must be removed not just the symptoms. When viewed as having an energetic and physical component disease can truly be understood, treated and healed. By utilizing this approach esoteric energy work can be combined with the benefits of medical discoveries and treatments and all aspects of our being can be balanced and healed. With this truly holistic approach the physical, emotional and energetic realms are dealt with not just the frequently accepted ones, which do not always address the individual as a whole.

When seeking assistance or help with our issues it is wise to be very discerning about what modality or practitioner we choose to use. Since the early 1970’s there has been a prolific rise in the number of new age treatments claiming to address emotional and energetic imbalances. It may be wiser to avoid these types of modalities as despite the best of intentions they unknowingly bury the pranic emotional or energetic disturbance deeper into the body or surround it with more pranic energy.

It is this pranic energy that is responsible for all illness and disease in the first place. These pranic based modalities and therapies range from pranic healing, reiki and energy healing to the use of certain flower essences and homeopathy, to mention but a few. These therapies appear to work as the symptoms are alleviated and relieved in the short term. However in time secondary conditions arise, as the primary or root source of energy imbalance is unresolved and expresses in the body in a different way. Additionally these pranic treatments, therapies and remedies increase the pranic load in the body supplying more of the energy that actually makes you sick in the first instance.

The more conventional approaches to emotional issues like psychology, psychotherapy and counseling do have some merits. However unless the practitioner has an understanding of energy these therapies also fall short as they work exclusively at the level of the personality. Thus by ignoring the spirit, soul and energetic aspects and they are unable to produce a full true healing.

It is probable that these comments may, and already have, upset many such well-intentioned practitioners. However I am not being critical here but merely presenting an energetic fact. What needs to be understood is that there are actually two different types of energy at play, pranic energy and divine firey energy. All emotional energy is pranic energy; no exceptions, as even emotions perceived to be ‘good’ like happiness or bliss are pranic.

Excessive prana energetically reconfigures the body away from our divine design causing disharmony and disease. Fiery energy is the energy of the soul and is our true way of being which leaves us free to be in harmony. If practitioners were taught about and allowed to feel this difference for themselves they would be able to discern the truth of energy rather than simply believing what they have been taught without any means of verifying it.

It may seem then that all is lost if a physical cure is not the complete answer and neither is the array of complimentary or alternate modalities. However, this no longer is the case as there are presently numerous practitioners who are able to apply their work and treatments esoterically from the innermost. These esoteric practitioners clearly understand the essence of firey energy and pranic energy and can feel the differences between them.

By the application of this wisdom and knowledge an esoteric practitioner can by using the firey energy of the soul assist you to facilitate a true healing removing pranic energetic imbalances and consequently the root cause. Thus the above mentioned pitfalls and complications can be avoided if you choose to seek the aid of an experienced esoteric practitioner, doctor, psychologist, counselor and so on.

To truly heal we need to re-establish our connection to the inner heart and the firey energy of the soul via self-love, the use of the gentle breath and esoteric techniques. Connecting to and living from the inner heart infuses our body with the firey energy of the soul, reduces the amount of prana in our bodies and maintains vitality and wellness.

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  • Dr. Rachel Hall

    Dr. Rachel Hall

    Rachel is the founder and principal dentist at Evolve Dental Healing with over 25 years experience, practicing holistically since 2001. Not your typical dentist, Rachel is a passionate opinion leader, challenging convention to empower people to make better dental and health choices, helping thousands to have healthy natural smiles. A respected writer and presenter on holistic dentistry, health and wellness it is Rachel’s mission to revolutionise the way people look at their dental health.

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