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Traditional Braces For Adults

traditional braces for adults
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 17 August, 2021

Adult Braces Dentist Kenmore Talks Traditional Braces

Traditional braces or metal braces are the most reliable and effective way to straighten you teeth to achieve a great smile, stable bite and improve functionality. Kenmore Dentist Dr Rachel Hall shares her expertise about orthodontics and adult braces.

Braces are not just for kids, so if you want well-aligned teeth and a perfectly beautiful and healthy smile, you can achieve that desired smile and straight teeth, no matter what your age is.

If you are considering getting braces then it’s good to arm yourself with the right information about what orthodontic options are available for getting teeth braces and finding out which is the right treatment for you based on what fits your oral care needs, dental health, preferences, and your lifestyle.

Braces did not only enhance the cosmetic aspects of your smile as having straight teeth makes your mouth easier to keep clean, improves your bite and function, and reduces the risk of uneven teeth wear which can cause fracturing and chipping of teeth and TMJ or jaw pain.

Check out Dr Rachel’s video The Heath Benefits of Braces

Traditional Metal Braces: What are Traditional/conventional braces?

Traditional metal braces are a combination of brackets that work like handles to hold on to so the tooth can be moved and a wire that is like the hand that pulls the handle to move the tooth. Modern traditional braces are now more discrete than in the past but they are the still most noticeable type of braces for straightening teeth. They are used to straighten crooked teeth or severely misaligned teeth and provide the most effective and predictable outcomes.

What are traditional metal braces made of?

Traditional braces are made from superior quality stainless steel which consists of small metal brackets that are bonded directly to the tooth’s surface with an adhesive, connected by super-thin archwires. The wires and brackets are connected by soft rubber bands called ligatures.

What are the advantages of traditional metal braces?

This design gently puts pressure on each individual tooth, gradually coaxing your teeth to move them to desired positions in very little time.

They are prescribed to align and correct extremely crowded teeth and jaw problems, and correct serious bite issues.

Conventional braces are the most economical orthodontic option and it’s least expensive compared to other types of braces for teeth.

 What are the disadvantages of traditional metal braces?

The main disadvantage of traditional braces the metal appearance in the mouth so if you are conscious about your smile and appearance, less noticeable orthodontics like clear aligners or invisible braces may be a better choice for you to consider.

Metal braces and wires can be uncomfortable at first as your mouth needs to get used to the feel of the brackets against the lips and cheeks but its amazing how quickly your mouth will and does adapt.

Proper oral care and dental hygiene are necessary as the food and drinks can get stuck in-between the metal brackets, wires, and elastics which may result in tooth decay/cavities and other dental issues if the braces are not well cared for.

Just like invisible braces, traditional braces require frequent dental visits for periodic tightening so that the steady pressure can gradually align your teeth and your jaws as well.

Who are conventional metal braces for? Traditional Metal Braces –Straighten your teeth at any age.

Even though we have other orthodontic treatments available, conventional metal braces are still the most commonly used as they provide the most effective way of teeth straightening for all sorts of orthodontic problems.

How do they work?

The braces are bonded or attached to each tooth and are connected by means of an archwire, to permit desired tooth movement and their positioning can be altered as needed.

How long do traditional metal braces take?

Typically, it takes about 12 to 24 months but as every case is different, it depends on a patient’s orthodontic requirements and their oral health conditions.

What is the alternative to conventional metal braces?

The alternative to metal braces are invisible braces like Invisalign or Clear Correct. However invisible braces have limitations on the type of tooth corrections they can provide.

Are Traditional Braces Right For You?

The only way to know if braces and what type of braces are right for you is to see the dentist for a consultation to discuss your needs and desired outcomes.

Traditional Braces for Adults Dentist Kenmore

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