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Evolve Dental Healing Takes The Time To Gently Care For Your Health, Your Mouth And Your Emotional Wellbeing

A visit to the dentist shouldn’t be a frightening or traumatic experience, and it definitely shouldn’t create long-term health complications that could seriously impact on your quality of life. For far too many people though this is the story of their dental care. That is why I have looked for better ways of doing things. Better materials that work in harmony with your body, better procedures, better prevention and education and better customer service and true care. Because after all you deserve better.

When I opened Evolve Dental Healing in 2005, my dream was to create a practice where patients feel safe, calm and relaxed while getting the highest standard of Holistic Dental Care available.

In that time we have worked hard to stay on the cutting edge of holistic dentistry and natural health research, delivering a quality of care, integrity and expertise that is highly valued by our loyal patients, some who travel from as far as the UK, US, Europe, New Zealand and Singapore.

If you want a dentist who will gently care for your dental and overall health, while providing preventative treatment and education to help avoid the sometimes unnecessary, expensive and painful surgery, call Evolve Dental Healing today on 07 3720 1811 and enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for life.

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Dr Rachel Hall, Evolve Dental Healing

About Dr Rachel Hall

Dr Rachel Hall has 24 years as a qualified dentist including 15 years specialising in Holistic Dentistry. She is a passionate industry leader who is a respected writer and speaker on the subjects of holistic dentistry and natural health.

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Dr Rachel Hall, Evolve Dental Referrals


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