Dr Rachel Hall Evolve Dental Healing

Why Evolve Dental Healing?

You know how as people get older they think it’s inevitable that they will lose their teeth and end up with a yellow unattractive smile, well this isn’t actually the case. What we do is help people to keep their teeth for life and give them the smile of their dreams so they can have a beautiful fresh bright smile they can be proud of no matter what their age. In fact we’ve helped many older adults to get whiter, straighter, stronger and more attractive, and healthier teeth and gums. Through our smile enhancing treatments including whitening, adult braces and quality dentistry and preventive care we have created fresher, brighter younger looking smiles so our patients not only look good but feel good and have the confidence to smile, hence why we created Evolve Dental Healing in 2005.

Many mainstream dentists continue to use dental amalgam and only address your dental issues, not the underlying causes, we care about you, your smile and your health - offering safe amalgam removal procedures, white fillings, preventative dentistry, cosmetic services to enhance your smile and treatments for TMJ disorders and headaches.

Your lifestyle, diet, chronic inflammation and stress impact your health and wellbeing, and as your teeth and gums are part of the body they are also affected by these same issues. We believe by helping you to care for your teeth and gums not only can you keep your teeth for life you can also live a healthier, longer, better quality life and have the smile you have always dreamed of.

Dr Rachel Hall - Principal Dentist, Founder and Owner

B.Ch.D (Uni Leeds UK) LDSRCS (Eng), MACNEM, EPA Accredited

Dr Rachel Hall has 24 years as a qualified dentist and has been working as a holistic dentist in Brisbane for 15 years.

Dr Rachel Hall grew up in England where she qualified from Leeds University in 1992. She practiced dentistry for 8 years in the UK before moving to Australia in early 2000. During her time in Australia Rachel developed her interest in “holistic” dentistry and health care. Rachel feels that a dentist’s role is much more than merely fixing holes in teeth. 

Dr Rachel has and continues to study facial pain and headaches, TMJ disorders, nutritional and environmental medicine, energy medicine and esoteric healing modalities. She has a personal interest in how they way we live impacts on our health and wellbeing. At Evolve Dental Dr Rachel has created an environment of genuine dental care and customer service. Dedicated to and passionate about her work, the practice and her patients and Dr Rachel takes pleasure in being a positive, balanced person, having fun and living a fulfilling healthy lifestyle. She likes to keep fit with walking and gentle exercise, enjoys the outdoors, photography, music, writing and spending time with her family and friends.

Dr Rachel practises meditation and is a student and practitioner of esoteric healing and esoteric chakra-puncture and is accredited by the Esoteric Practitioners Association. She is a member of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine; a post-graduate medical college, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology a network of dental, medical and research professionals and Australians for Mercury Free Dentistry.

Rachel has adopted a holistic way of working which she applies to all areas of dental practice aiming to address your total health, seeking the least toxic and most supportive ways to provide treatment while caring for every aspect of your health and wellbeing.