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6 Supplements for Stronger Teeth

supplements for strong teeth
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 14 September, 2023

If you want fewer dental cavities and fillings then you need to focus on your diet and utilise these 6 supplements for stronger teeth.

There is a lot of hype out there in internet land regarding healing dental cavities, and reversing dental cavities. Blogs and videos that make it appear that you can eat your teeth better and avoid having to see the dentist even if you have a hole in your tooth or infection.

Can You Heal or Reverse Tooth Decay

This information is misleading and inaccurate – once you have decay in the inner layer of your tooth only dental intervention can help.

But and this is where it may seem confusing – if you have a superficial cavity which is actually demineralisation of the out enamel where the protective outer layer becomes dissolved – this can be rehardened (remineralised) through improved oral hygiene and dietary changes.

So let me make it simple – a superficial cavity where there is demineralisation of the enamel can be reversed but a bigger cavity into the inner layer of the tooth can not and needs to be treated by a dentist to prevent the decay spreading and damaging the nerve or destroying the tooth beyond repair.

Remineralising Teeth – Can You make Your Teeth Stronger

I recommend using diet and supplementation to remineralise enamel and make your teeth stronger.

Nutrition, or inadequate nutrition to be more precise, is the foundation of nearly all teeth and gum problems, as well as the key to reversal of those problems.

Remineralisation is a very effective process that your body naturally undertakes in order to keep your teeth healthy and strong. And just like any other process in your body, it needs the right nutrition to run smoothly.

Similar to other parts of our bodies, our teeth sometimes need an extra nutrient boost, and there are certain supplements you can naturally help to remineralise and strengthen your teeth.

6 Supplements to Help Strengthen and Remineralise Teeth

1. Calcium

Generally, we associate calcium with healthy, strong bones. This is because calcium is the primary building block of our bones and teeth, and we also need it for proper teeth remineralisation.

But calcium is an awkward nutrient.  If you aren’t effectively absorbing calcium, it can be quickly rendered useless.

Also, without supplementing with other nutrients, calcium can easily run wild and end up in the wrong places in your body. We need the right mineral combination — specifically vitamins D3 and K2 — to both absorb and direct calcium to its intended destination.

Recommendation: Take 1000 milligrams of calcium per day WITH supplements D3 and K2 to help remineralise teeth.

2. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is quite possibly one of the most important nutrients for overall health. Its name is misleading because vitamin D is actually more like a hormone than a vitamin, and because of this, there are receptors for vitamin D on every tissue and organ throughout your body.

When it comes to teeth remineralisation, D3 which is a fat-soluble vitamin is needed to properly absorb calcium and balance minerals throughout the body. These two processes are critical for the formation and repair of your bones and teeth. They’re also responsible for helping your teeth maintain their structure to last your entire life, if you take care of them.

About half the population is deficient in vitamin D, for many reasons, and hence we need to supplement with D3 to to ensure adequate intake.

Vitamin D levels can be low because:

  • We get less sunshine as we spend nearly all of our time indoors and we overuse sunscreen.
  • We consume too much phytic acid, which interrupts vitamin D metabolism. Foods high in phytic acid include:
  • Almonds
  • Beans
  • Hazelnuts
  • Lentils
  • Grains
  • Soybeans
  • Sesame seeds

Recommendation: Vitamin D3 is recommended over D2 because it’s easier for your body to use — I recommend 1000 IU or more each day.

3. Vitamin K2

Vitamin D3 needs to be paired with vitamin K2 because they work synergistically to improve calcium absorption and distribution. Vitamin D3 is responsible for better absorption of calcium, while vitamin K2 works by directing calcium throughout the body.

Vitamin K2 is needed to activate osteocalcin, which is a protein needed in the dentin matrix (part of your tooth) for repair and growth, and it also works with matrix-GLA protein to help remineralise teeth. 

Recommendation: I recommend supplementing with 90 micrograms of vitamin K2 per day.

4. Magnesium

When it comes to teeth remineralisation, magnesium is needed for the structural development of teeth and also determines how effectively your body absorbs calcium. 

Having too much calcium in the body, as well as vitamin D and phosphorus, can lower magnesium levels, which can hinder the tooth remineralisation process.

This is why it’s important to supplement these nutrients in balanced quantities.

Similar to vitamin D, about half the population doesn’t get enough magnesium, so there’s a good chance you could use more of this important mineral in your diet.

Recommendation: I recommend between 300 to 400 milligrams of magnesium per day, alongside the proper amounts of calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.

5. Collagen

Throughout your life your teeth are constantly being worn down, but through teeth remineralisation your teeth are also constantly being rebuilt. Your teeth are made up different parts – your enamel, dentin, cementum and bone, which have organic and inorganic components.

Collagen is a major part of the organic aspects of your teeth. In fact, type I collagen actually makes up 90 percent of the organic components of your dentin, cementum and bone. And type XVII collagen is essential for enamel formation and without enough, there can be tooth malformation.

Collagen is mostly found in animal products, especially connective tissues and organ meats, which we don’t really eat much of anymore. This makes collagen supplementation a good idea. An added bonus is that collagen is excellent for gut health, and the high glutamine even helps repair leaky gut, which improves nutrient absorption.

Recommendation: There are many different collagen sources, but grass-fed cattle sources are best because they are highest in type 1 collagen.

6. Oral Probiotics

Most people have heard of the gut microbiome, but few understand that we also have an oral microbiome, a large component of which is saliva.

Studies have found that people with higher inorganic components in their saliva (including calcium phosphate), and who have a more acidic pH, are at higher risk for gum disease and tooth decay.

Probiotics increase the organic compounds of the mouth and saliva, thereby counteracting the effects of the inorganic compounds, and have even been shown to improve bad breath, reduce symptoms of gingivitis (gum disease), decrease inflammation and even possibly prevent oral cancer.

Probiotics also work to kill the harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay and also inhibit teeth remineralisation.

Recommendation: Opt for a product from a reputable manufacturer that has high-volume colony-forming units (CFUs) and the best beneficial strains.

Want Fewer Cavities? Focus on Diet and Supplements for Stronger Teeth

Preventing cavities is the best approach to dental health, by reducing foods that promote demineralisation (like sugar, grains and other foods that are high in phytic acid), increasing foods that promote remineralisation (like healthy fats and dark, leafy greens), and using supplements, it is possible to remineralise and strengthen teeth.

However, if you have a noticeable cavity, or you’re experiencing tooth pain, or your cavity is deep enough that it might affect the root and eventually lead to a root canal, I strongly recommend you see the dentist and get the tooth treated with a filling.

But for prevention and a more holistic approach to your dental care incorporate these six supplements, and you may be able to prevent or even reverse your superficial early cavities.

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    Dr. Rachel Hall

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