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Food for Thought

food for thought
Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 18 November, 2012

Diet: Here’s Some Food For Thought

What we eat affects our health – now that’s food for thought.

Last night I went out for an incredible meal at my local Thai restaurant in Kenmore and it got me thinking about the way we eat and what foods we eat.

My salad of herbs, garlic, onions, fresh produce and duck basted in chilli and aromatics was not only delicious but natural and extremely good for me. No sugar, no gluten, no dairy and no grains. Light, filling, tasty and satisfying, just what my body ordered.

Food can either work with your body, fuel it perfectly and even help it to repair, heal and grow strong or it can be really damaging, making us tired or overactive, adding to inflammation, toxins and ultimately disease in our body.

Every time you eat and drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it.

Consider that – every time you eat or drink something it is healing you or harming you. Wow, that is a powerful and thought-provoking statement. It’s food for thought.

Rates of illness and disease are increasing, there is not a day goes by at my holistic dental practice that we do not see someone with diabetes, cancer, allergies, heart disease and a whole host of other conditions, many of which would be considered diseases of lifestyle.

Many people tell me they eat a good, balanced diet but when you ask them what they actually eat the majority are consuming too much sugar, salt, bad fats and carbohydrates.

Essentially they are eating empty calories devoid of the vital components your body needs for health. They drink too much coffee and alcohol, hardly a sip of water passes their lips. And as for exercise and time to de-stress and relax, well just forget it.

The key to staying well and beating the odds so as not to add to the illness and disease statistics boils down to how we choose to live and eat.

How To Eat To Support Your Body

Choose natural, fresh products over processed.

Have a diet that leans towards proteins and vegetables not carbohydrates, sugars and overindulging in fruit.

Go for good oils like omega 3 found in fish, walnuts and seeds like flax.

Avoid vegetable oils and trans fat and remember a small amount of saturated fat is ok.

Drink plenty of water, mineral water from Europe is great as it not only hydrates you but has the minerals your body needs for health and energy production.

Only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

Eat calmly, quietly, free of distractions like TV, computers and mobile phones.

Eat slowly and chew your food well, this not only helps with digestion but allows you to recognise when you have eaten enough.

Reduce your portion size, you can always go back for more if you aren’t quite full.

Limit your salt and sugar intake, adding herbs and spices makes your food extremely tasty and satisfying plus they have medicinal properties.

If you think you are hungry but aren’t really sure have a drink of water as often people’s thirst reflex is so reduced they mistake it for hunger.

At the supermarket shop around the edges, go for fresh over processed and avoid those aisles full of “food” that is made from chemicals you can’t pronounce let alone know what they are and are doing to your body.

Nature knows best, she has provided us with exactly what our body needs for the best of health.

So next time you go for that processed meat and a can of soft drink remember:

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”

  • Dr. Rachel Hall

    Dr. Rachel Hall

    Rachel is the founder and principal dentist at Evolve Dental Healing with over 25 years experience, practicing holistically since 2001. Not your typical dentist, Rachel is a passionate opinion leader, challenging convention to empower people to make better dental and health choices, helping thousands to have healthy natural smiles. A respected writer and presenter on holistic dentistry, health and wellness it is Rachel’s mission to revolutionise the way people look at their dental health.

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