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How Long Does It Take To Get Straight Teeth With Clear Aligners?

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Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 7 August, 2022

How long it takes to get straight teeth with clear aligners like Invisalign or Spark will depend on a few factors but it can be anywhere from as little as 3-6 months up to 2 or more years.

Let’s have a look at what factors influence how long it takes to get straight teeth with clear aligners.

How Dentists Can Straighten Teeth

There are a few ways as a dentist I can make your teeth look straighter and more aligned.

Some methods just cover over and camouflage the irregularities and improve them cosmetically others reposition and realign your teeth to give you a straighter smile with no crowding, better alignment and improved bite as well as all the cosmetic benefits that go with that.

Straight Teeth With Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many options for making your teeth look straighter. If you are not keen on the idea of braces or clear aligners like Spark which we use at Evolve Dental then your options are to fix your smile with teeth whitening, bonding or veneers.

We can ‘straighten’ your teeth with bonding where we build up and reshape teeth with the placement of tooth colour filling material or veneers that cover over the front surface of your smiling teeth, we can give your teeth the appearance of being level and neatly aligned.

The advantage of cosmetic enhancement is that it is quick and can be done in a matter of only a couple of visits to the dental office.

Cosmetic treatments do have limitations and often involve drilling your teeth and will need replacing and redoing over time.

We are also limited by the position of your teeth so if they are badly crowded veneers and bonding are not always possible.

Clear Aligners To Straighten Teeth

When it comes to having straight well-aligned teeth you can’t go past clear aligners or invisible braces like Invisalign or Spark. These aligners are designed to correct your crowding and are so discreet it is almost impossible to see you are wearing them.

In comparison to standard or traditional fixed braces treatment, clear aligners provide a more convenient and hassle-free experience that doesn’t require metal brackets or wires.

With 3D scanning and precise treatment planning and regular supervision at the dental office, we can achieve results with clear aligners that until only a few years ago you could only really get with traditional braces.

And the beauty of clear aligners’ claim to fame is that they get the job done without being seen because it’s quite hard to tell when anyone’s wearing the aligners, making it a perfect option if you’re conscious of how your teeth look!

But ok you want to know How long will it take to straighten my teeth with clear aligners.

How Long Do Aligners Take To Work To Straighten Teeth?

All mouths are not created equal and not all crowding issues will be the same but the average treatment with clear aligners can take anywhere between six months to two years depending on the position of your teeth, bite, jaw shape and age.

What Influences How Long It Takes To Straighten Teeth?

1. The amount of misalignment: The most significant factor that can affect the duration of any clear aligner treatment like Invisalign or Spark is how much crowding you have. If you only have a minor misalignment that requires minor adjustments, then you may get the perfect smile in as little as six months. On the other hand, if you have a severe case, then expect to reach anywhere between a year and a half to two years of treatment time.

2. The need to have teeth removed: Sometimes it is not just the teeth that are out of position but it is the base that they sit on too. So if your top and bottom jaws are mismatched in size this can sometimes mean we need to take teeth out to get the best results. This is significant because it means we now have increased tooth movements and further distance to move the teeth to achieve the correct bite as well as a beautiful smile.

3. You: Unlike fixed traditional braces which are ‘glued’ to your teeth, clear aligners can be removed. So if you aren’t following the instructions and being deligent with wear that will make your treatment take longer. If you wear your aligners as often as possible and don’t miss a day of putting them on, then expect to see results in the quickest amount of time possible!

Clear Aligners to Straighten Teeth – Kenmore Dentist

When determining how long it can take to get perfectly-straight teeth with the help of clear aligners aka Invisalign or Spark there are all the factors I’ve already mentioned. But there are a couple of things that I have not yet covered.

Firstly clear aligners are not a DIY job, for aligners to work best and quickly as your dentist I bond special tooth-coloured attachments to your teeth that help the aligners grip and push your teeth more effectively which means they can and will move faster and more predictably.

I spend hours reviewing your case and planning carefully every tooth movement and the sequence of movements to give you the best result in the least amount of time.

The other factor that will influence not only your end result but how long it takes to get there is proper care and supervision with regular dental visits to check on progress and aligner fit during treatment.

In my opinion, you will get the best results with clear aligners with professionally-administered and monitored treatment to straighten out your teeth!

Evolve Dental Healing For Clear Aligners

When it comes to getting perfectly-straight teeth that you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll be able to get the right results working with a dependable orthodontically trained dentist.

Dr Rachel has completed additional post-graduate studies in orthodontics and clear aligners and is currently participating in a post-graduate diploma in orthodontics and a certificate in clear aligners.

Evolve Dental is an accredited provider of Spark Clear Aligners limited for use by orthodontists and only specifically accredited dentists.

Are Clear Aligners Right For Me?

Learn more about how Evolve Dental Kenmore dentist in Brisbane can help you achieve your best smile with Spark clear aligners or a cosmetic smile makeover. Book a consultation to see Dr Rachel today 07 3720 1811.

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    Dr. Rachel Hall

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