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Replace Amalgam Fillings for a Good-Looking Smile

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Published By Dr. Rachel Hall at 10 September, 2019

Should You Replace Dark Metal Amalgam Fillings for a Beautiful Smile?

When it comes to your smile, you want your teeth to look beautiful but sadly if you have ugly dark metal fillings (called amalgam) that the world can see when you open wide for a yawn or a good laugh then your smile is never going to be as good-looking as you like. Let’s face it dark, glinting, metal amalgam fillings aren’t a pretty sight.

But you can change how your smile looks by getting your old amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings here at Evolve Dental Healing in Kenmore.

Not only can we provide you with a whole range of cosmetic services to enhance your smile we can also safely remove your amalgam fillings and replace them for natural-looking tooth coloured composite or porcelain fillings which blend like magic into your tooth structure so you can smile with confidence.

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So other than the fact that amalgam fillings don’t look pretty they also have other disadvantages when it comes to the health and strength of your teeth.

The Shortcomings of Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings have several disadvantages when compared with tooth-coloured composite fillings:

The main issues for anyone who wants a good-looking smile are that amalgam fillings simply don’t look attractive because the silver/black colour of the fillings stands out from the surrounding teeth. It draws attention to the area and can make the filled tooth look decayed or unhealthy.

These fillings can also cause the surrounding tooth structure to become dark and discoloured, further taking away from the good looks of your smile.

Metal fillings expand and contract with the changes in temperature that your teeth experience on a daily basis. Over time, this can cause cracks and fractures in the tooth. Meaning your tooth can break and need more dental care to repair it.

The amalgam fillings also start to corrode and break down meaning they don’t seal your tooth properly anymore. This means the filling starts ‘leaking’ allowing decay-causing bacteria to enter your tooth and create a cavity.

This break down of the filling means not only can you get decay but that the filling itself can come loose or break as a result.

On top of that, amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury, a toxic heavy metal which has many adverse health implications. Many patients find that they experience greater peace of mind and improved health outcomes with metal-free fillings and opt to have safe amalgam removal to minimise mercury exposure during the filling replacement process.

Evolve Dental is a Smart Certified practice which means we provide safe replacement of amalgam fillings whenever we remove them be it for cosmetic or health concerns.

Reasons to Replace Amalgam Fillings

You may wish or need to replace your metal filling for a number of reasons:

  • Your filling has become broken down and degraded which means it’s ‘leaking’ and requires replacement as bacteria can enter your tooth and cause a cavity.
  • There is decay underneath or around the filling.
  • The filling is cracked, broken or damaged.
  • Your tooth is cracked, broken or damaged.
  • You want your fillings to blend into your smile rather than looking obvious and unattractive.

Benefits of Tooth-coloured Fillings

Dr. Rachel Hall Kenmore Dentist can customise tooth-coloured fillings to match the colour of your surrounding teeth. No one will ever know you have a filling and you can smile and laugh with confidence knowing you have a naturally good-looking healthy smile.

Composite resin is non-toxic and requires less modification of the tooth than amalgam fillings. Preservation of dental structure is always the best approach, making composite fillings a better fit for your smile in every way.

The composite resin we use at Evolve Dental is BPA-free and designed to expand and contract exactly as your tooth does with changes in temperature. This means it’s not only better for your health than mercury-containing amalgam fillings but it will reduce the risk of cracks and fractures in your tooth.

Achieve a More Beautiful Smile Today

If you wish to replace your amalgam fillings, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rachel who can safely replace amalgam fillings in as a little as 1-2 visits for you to achieve that naturally good-looking smile you deserve. Call us today 07 3720 1811 and take the first step to a healthy great looking beautiful smile

  • Dr. Rachel Hall

    Dr. Rachel Hall

    Rachel is the founder and principal dentist at Evolve Dental Healing with over 30 years experience, practising holistically since 2001. Not your typical dentist, Rachel is a passionate opinion leader, challenging convention to empower people to make better dental and health choices, helping thousands to have healthy natural smiles. A respected writer and presenter on holistic dentistry, health and wellness it is Rachel’s mission to revolutionise the way people look at their dental health.

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